"...the game is intense. Rarely have I seen a game that requires such an incredible amount of planning, yet is playable in a few minutes if you so wish."

Welcome to the World of Kaomaris!

WoK - The World of Kaomaris is a collection of strategy games designed by Al Gassner. The most common game, Standard WoK, is playable through your internet browser with no downloads needed.
All WoK games are Completely Free. All that is needed is an email address and an account on this website.

Standard WoK

Standard WoK is a turn based strategy wargame for up to 10 players at a time, played through the kaomaris website.
Every player starts with one of 60 provinces and then, through strategy and diplomacy attempts to eliminate the competition until only one or two players survive, or else shattered survivors concede defeat before the end.

WoK: Duel

WoK: Duel is a 2-player variant of Standard WoK, designed by player, Hannibal.
Each player takes 3 spots, and automated 'robot' players fill the remaining 4 places.
There is no diplomacy; commanding three empires at once gives the ultimate strategic challenge!

WoK: Skirmish

WoK: Skirmish is another 2-player variant of Standard WoK, played on a much smaller map.
Each player takes only one spot, and there are no robot players, but with only 20 provinces available the action is heavy right from the start.

Advanced WoK

Advanced WoK includes all the aspects of the standard WoK game, but also requires players to run an ecconomy and allows them to cast spells to build themselves up or devastate the enemy.

Other Games

WoK Stonewars is a downloadable 2 player game, based on the African game of Malawi.
WoK Cardwars is a card game for up to 4 players, with computer players taking up to 3 of the places.