"...the game is intense. Rarely have I seen a game that requires such an incredible amount of planning, yet is playable in a few minutes if you so wish."

Welcome to the World of Kaomaris!

WoK - The World of Kaomaris is a collection of strategy games based on an original game designed by Al Gassner. All current games use the Standard WoK game engine and are playable through your internet browser with no downloads needed.
All WoK games are Completely Free. All that is needed is an email address and to create an account.

WoK: Skirmish

WoK: Skirmish is the simplest WoK game currently available. Two players fight it out on a map with 20 provinces. With no diplomacy and not much space, skirmishes are short and brutal.
Skirmishes are an ideal way to get to know the game engine, before taking on the more complicated variants. They're also a great way for experienced players to pass the time!

WoK: Duel

WoK: Duel is a two player game, designed by player, Hannibal.
Played on a 60 province map, each player takes three spots, and automated 'robot' players fill in a further four places. There is no diplomacy; commanding three empires at once gives the ultimate strategic challenge!

WoK: Trinity

A variant of duels in which three players take two spots each. Domination of the battlefield is not necessary as the first player to finish off three opposing spots (human or robot) wins.

WoK: Domination

"Standard WoK" for many established players, or even "WoK IV" for the real old timers, this is the closest to the original game. Up to 10 players battle it out for control of a 60 province map.
Every player starts with one province and then, through strategy and diplomacy, attempts to eliminate the competition until only one or two players survive.

Advanced WoK

The Advanced WoK game engine includes all the aspects of Standard WoK, but also requires players to run an ecconomy and allows them to cast spells to build themselves up or devastate the enemy. Unfortunately no games are currently available using the Advanced WoK engine.

Current Games

Game 1015, turn 1444331104

Game 1015 - Star Islands (skirmish)

Game Type: Skirmish
Turn: 21
Next Turn: in 2 days and 2 hours
Game 1003, turn 1438023216

Game 1003 - korexus vs Arjuna (duel)

Game Type: Duel
Turn: 5
Next Turn: 2 months and 8 days ago

Open Games

Finished Games

Game 1014, turn 1435871765

Game 1014 - Timmli vs Korexus (skirmish)

Game Type: Skirmish
Turn: 7
Game 1010, turn 1435113639

Game 1010 - Duke vs Stubbs vs Saladin (trinity)

Game Type: Trinity
Turn: 8
Game 1013, turn 1434565564

Game 1013 - Tutorial for Timmli

Game Type: tutorial
Turn: 13
Game 1011, turn 1433747649

Game 1011 - Tutorial for Revenant

Game Type: tutorial
Turn: 6
Game 1009, turn 1431110791

Game 1009 - Tutorial for Stubbs

Game Type: tutorial
Turn: 17
Game 1008, turn 1430932808

Game 1008 - Tutorial for korexus

Game Type: tutorial
Turn: 2
Game 1001, turn 1430373785

Game 1001 - korexus vs Arjuna (skirmish)

Game Type: Skirmish
Turn: 6
Game 724, turn 1423512362

Game 724 - Arjuna vs swordslay (skirmish)

Game Type: Skirmish
Turn: 4
Finished: 7 months and 21 days ago

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