korexus vs Ecrivian (skirmish): Turn 5

Turn # 5

Ecrivian missiles 12, 3,

Ecrivian takes 3, takes 10, takes 12, Ripping korexus.

Ecrivian is the only remaining player, and wins the game.

OOP for next Turn is: Ecrivian

korexus: Yes you, did, congratulations!

Not sure why it got stuck, but I've given it a kick and the turn shows correctly now.

You're allowed to comment on a close game because you might still want to say things. "Well done" for example. :wink:

Well done. :)
Ecrivian: Good game old chap!

Wouldn't mind some more maps though.

Thanks for keeping this running!
PlayerNameScoreStarting ProvinceStatusReady
1 korexus 0 12 RIP (Ecrivian) -
2 Ecrivian 907 19 WINNER

OOP for next Turn is: 2