Advanced WoK

"Finally ... after all these days of travel, all these days of hunger and pain ... we arrived. We saw a whole new world and its beauty overwhelmed us at once. We truly returned to Paradise."
- P. Erfect, Corps Expedition Leader -

This Manual expects that you are an experienced Standard WoK Player and it will not go into detail about aspects that were taken from that game. It will simply explain the changes and additions. Advanced WoK is still easy to play, but the complex results that your actions can provoke are even more a real challenge now.


Off we go with some explanations. You start with:

Your population depends on your province, this can go from 80 - 160 at the start (on the "Classical" Map#001) but bigger provinces usually have more population and the start value is not a random number. Each neutral province begins with:

Each Turn, neutral Provinces will gain 2 armies. This will be done during Phase 5d of the game. Their workers will also increase the defense level if posssible.

There is also a weather rolled each Turn, varying from 0-CATASTROPHIC to 10-EXCELLENT and directly influencing the crop growth rate (along with the terrain). There will be a weather prediction at the end of your Turn report, but as predictions are never 100% certain the actual weather may vary by -1/+1 points.

Here are the maximum numbers/values of every Unit you can have:

A small word on the tribes in WOK5. There are a multitude of tribes, and each offers certain abilities to your character. These special bonuses are sometimes easy and sometimes harder to figure out, but will always show up in your Turn report. Ask around or try to figure them out for yourself

And now to the Phases and how they work:


The game starts with some shopping on the so-called Marketplace.
As an alternative you may wish to suggest NAPs (Non-aggression pacts) to your fellow Players during this Phase.
In this case enter "N+" or "N-" to increase/decrease NAP Levels followed by the Player# it shall concern. Read about the effects below (eg. "Trade Blocking").
The second alternative to do shopping on the market is to place an order to set the maximum level of feeding your people will get during Phase V.
To do this write down a "FL" order followed by two digits that state the feeding percentage you want to give as a maximum (if you have enough crop anyway of course). The minimum number for feeding needs to be 35% to avoid workers going on strike - if you put a number below 35% the manager will correct that value to 35%. If no feeding level is given for your turn, the manager will set the feeding level back to 100% automatically.

Now back to the marketplace : every player can submit up to 5 items on the Marketplace at the end of each Turn (PHASE #12). Therefore there are 5 x 10 = 50 slots in the Marketplace.
You can buy up to 99 units of an item and pay up to 999 gold coins per piece.
In this first phase you must decide on:

You are not allowed to buy from your own slots. Also, since V3.0, there are two other necessities if you seek to buy things: you must be a neighbour to the seller and not being blocked by a NAP Level of -1 with him.
The way that the items you buy are treated is like this:

While the stock for Wood, Corn and the Diamond Bag offer unlimited capacity, the SPP has only 10 slots you can fill. Should you not have enough space to store the bought items you will lose the surplus (but still buy all items you have ordered !) - so be careful. At the end of this exchange you will see all your possessions listed again. There will also be a Stock Limit Check done : your stocked Wood, Corn, Gold and Diamonds are not allowed to surpass the given Stock Limit. You start with a capacity of 1000 units, every Province you gain with a city in it will increase this capacity by 500 more units. While Corn, Wood and Gold only count for 1 unit each, a Diamond takes the space of 3 valuable units so trade in time or make some nice spells.


Should you have any Magicians, now is the time to use their powers. Every Magician is able to use ONE Item from your SPP every Turn up to a maximum of 3 possible orders.
Every Player has a Magic resistance (see Phase 5d), serving as "shield" against spells. As long as he has some points for resistance, every spell used against him will fizzle.
You can use POTIONS and SPELLS - whilebPotions summon a Creature that will help your troops, Spells are divided into 3 categories:


For them, your TOTAL SPELL POWER is calculated, telling how effective your spell will deliver. It depends on the following things :

So if you collect i.e. 45 points you can cast all red (minor) Spells (0-30 damage) with full success but it would make less sense to use Spells that can go up to 100 Points of damage. A few spells will have your TOTAL SPELL POWER multiplied (i.e. to steal cash from another Player), also the HELL spells will affect not only the Province you cast them on but also its neighbouring Provinces (neutrals too, but NOT your own Provinces, so you cant hurt yourself)


These are the "good" Spells, quite like the Potions. They have some defined positive result on the province you use them. See the "Book of Stone" and the "Book of Magic" for the details.


Fear them, as they will bring terror and pain if someone casts them on you!
They are expensive to "produce", as they require the rarest and darkest stones and experienced Magicians. See the "Book of Magic" and the "Book of Stone" for details.


Diamonds, Wood and Corn are not used during this Phase.
You must possess the Province if you summon a Creature or use white spells.
You cannot cast common spells or black spells on yourself.
One Creature per Province is allowed.
If there is a requirement to cast the spell (i.e. you need Tech Level 5 or better) you must meet this requirement or the spell will fizzle and be lost.
The requirements are only meant when CASTING a spell and not when building it in a Phase later on.

A final word on using Creatures during this Phase : while the Creature is also a unit like every other, the level of the troops (see below) will NOT drop when activating it in a Province. This is due to the fact that they were magically summoned, so call them in a Province with a high battle level and you will make them even stronger. To say it again, when summoning a Creature this will NOT change the level of the troops !


These weapons were known as missiles in WOK4, some call them the "equalizers" of WOK. They are simply speaking arrows you can aim at a specific taget, i.e. on the Archers of a Province.
There are two types of GCA attacks : short-range will be when you attack a neighbouring Province amd long-range occurs when you attack a non-neighbour which has a Province Number from -3 to +3 to yours. (as an example, Province#29 can aim long-range GCAs at all Provinces ranging from #26 to #32). However long-range attacks will only have ¾ of the power of short-range attacks.
Your chance to hit with your GCAs and the number of Units you destroy will depend on the Target you chose : while it is easy to burn some wood or kill a few Population it is much harder to be successful against armies or even Creatures or Magicians. See the respective chart for details. Also remember that if you attack a Mountain or a Forest Province you will have 5% less chance due to the difficult Terrain.


And here it is, the all-new and highly sophisticated battle system.
The number of Attacks you can use directly depends on your Tech level (see chart below) and can go from 3-7 Attacks per Turn. The game engine will however only count PERFORMED attacks (eg. not attacks on your own Provinces or attacks without troops), so you are free to put in more orders then allowed and give it a try. Of course the limit is still a maximum of 7 orders in this Phase too.

You now have 6 different units you can use for your attacks (and defense): Armies, Pikists, Archers, Knights, Catapults and Creatures.
This obviously adds some complexity to your orders. Let's look at an attack order:


For EVERY type of unit you can define with 1 Digit how many you want to use in the attack. Because there are 6 types of units the first set of brackets holds 6 digits. 1-9 means of course "use 1 to 9 Units of this type", but there you can also enter the letters X (for 10), F (for 15), W (for 20), T (for 25), L (for 50), C (for 100) A for ALL UNITS, Z for ALL but one Unit and H for HALF of ALL Units you have of that type.
In the example above we would use (up to) 10 Armies, 4 Pikists, no Archers, half of the Knights, All Catapults and the Creature in the Attack. [AAAAAA] would easily mean "use all units I have". This is enough to start your Attack, but it wouldnt be advanced WoK if it didnt offer you some new option. You can now add 3 more Digits to your order (again: this is OPTIONAL, erase it if you dont use it) that will set a limit of unit losses. In our example this value is [012] units. So whenever you have lost a TOTAL of 12 Units during the battle your surviving troops will retreat !

And now on to the next part - the battle itself.
There is still a PATT and PDEF and they still add (level x 10)+(defense x 4), then multiply with your 0,EFF level (i.e. 95% EFF turns to EFF x 0,95). But you first need to understand that all troops and units share their level, called the basic level. Now will you ask, why should I make some Archers or Knights out of my Armies ? Because they give you EXTRA LEVEL during battle, but only if they fight on their preferred Terrain. Here is the corresponding chart:

Unit typeBonus TerrainExtra Level
Creaturedepends on Creaturevaries (0.2 - 2.0)

So a Knight fighting in the Mountains is simply like one more Army, but use ten of him on a Plain and your Battle Level will raise by 0.600 ! Want to defend a forested Province ? Make some Archers! The Creature however will ALWAYS add some extra Level but if you use the right Creatures in their favourite terrain (i.e. a Dragon in a Forest) you will DOUBLE that extra Level!
There is a limit however : because even the strongest creatures will not make highly trained troops out of your bunch of novice armies, the extra level creatures can give is limited to 1/3 of your other Troops total level (basic level + extra level), so try to upgrade to use the creatures full potential!
Now if you lose some Units that give extra Level you will also lose the extra level in your PATT/PDEF. As an example, if the enemy kills a Knight in a Plain Terrain your PATT will drop, if he kills a Pikist or a Catapult your power will remain unchanged.
You can now ask "Is it luck what type of Unit he kills?" and again, this is Advanced WoK! It will depend on the BATTLE-MIX you have used. Let me explain: if you use 14 Armies and 1 Creature in the Attack and the enemy manages to land a hit, he will have 14/15 chance to hit an Army and only 1/15 to kill your Creature. So its better to have a good "mix" of units to "hide" your extra-level-giving units.
The Defender has in addition to his basic level also the usual DFS points and now also some Terrain Bonus (if its a Forest, Swamp or Mountain). If there is a City in the Province he also gains another 0.5 DFS. Because of this you now start a new game with 15 Armies (up from 12) but only 100 Gold and no Wood (plus 300 Corn in stock to feed your initial units).

A few other things are still around: you can never have more then 1 Creature per Province and there is still a 3% chance to destroy some Defense during the battle. Also you gain 0.004 level bonus for every round of combat (Attackers even gain 0.006 level bonus to promote their courage), but NOT if you are retreating ! You will again gain a full 0.100 level bonus if you attack an undefended Province. When winning a Province you will obtain 80% of its workers and population, 80% of its crop and Trees, and 60% of its GCAs and spies. Also you will capture 1/2 of the Magicians (but if i.e. there is only 1 you get none). Neutrals will always fight with 80% Effectiveness. If you kill a Player you will get all his possessions, including his money in the bank.


And here it is, it consists of 6 (!) sub-phases:


Population is still the key factor in Advanced WoK!
40 POP = 1 MAG
4 POP = 1 ARM
5 POP = 1 SPY
2 POP = 1 WOK
and for the desperate Player:
1 MAG = 20 POP
2 WOK = 1 POP

Each round, you must again decide on how to "transform" your population into workers/armies/spies or even magicians (or put them back to population if you need to do that). Only workers can build defenses, mine diamonds or harvest corn and only troops can do combat. But only population can grow to become more population and pay taxes!
You can now transform up to 60 units per order (in Standard WoK it was 50) and if you dont put in a specific number the game engine will AUTOMATICALLY try to change the maximum possible. Of course you need a FULL number of i.e. 4 Population to be transformed into 1 Army. If you transform 5,6 or 7 Population into Armies you will get that same result but lose the unused surplus Population.

There are still only 3 POP -> ARM Transformations allowed every Turn, but now the program will simply neglect invalid/impossible POP>ARM transformations and not count them. (This means you can put up to 7 POP -> ARM orders in your turn, but only the first 3 VALID ONES will be done!)
You can also change back some Workers into Population (changing Workers into Armies is not allowed) but this option should only be used when facing extreme situations. The WOK>POP trade is done with a 2:1 ratio just like in Standard WoK.

The orders now also include the CHANGE AIM feature. In this case you need a (capital) LETTER after the Province# to tell the Manager the new aim and that the order is not a transformation. Here are a few examples:


Phase VII gives us unit up- and downgrade possibility. First you need to choose the source province, next the number of units you wish to up/downgrade (up to 30 per order) and finally you enter TWO digits that describe the up/downgrade: every troop has a number from 1-5 so the order
would mean "upgrade 30 units of armies (1) into archers (3) in Province#39". Take care that UPGRADING a unit can only be done if you have the necessary wood in your stock, while DOWNGRADING (i.e. make some pikemen out of catapults) can always be done without any costs of wood.
As there are only 6 orders possible with this Phase you will need to careful plan carefully which upgrades to make.


Phase VIII and IX allows to move units from one Province to another. The only difference between Phases VIII and IX is that you can move 60 units in the Major and 30 units in the Minor Movement Phase.
Each phase allows for 5 orders, so you have up to 10 possible orders. (In Standard WoK there were only 7 orders, but we now have 10 Provinces more and a lot of units to take care of!)
Watch out that if two Provinces are related by a Bridge you can only move 30 units over it per order! (This does not apply to attacks, only to movements)
The order form again allows to omit the number of units to be moved - if you do so, the maximum (60/30) will be tried to move. You can move a specific type of unit (i.e. Magicians or Spies) but there is also the great possibility to move ALL TROOPS starting from the lowest to the highest (L>H) or vice-versa (H>L). Of course the movement of any type of military unit (creatures included) will always affect the Basic Level of the target Province.


A quick Phase - simply put the ID# of the Spell or Potion you wish to make and should you have enough of the required Diamonds, Gold and a free slot in your SPP then the Item will be placed in it.
You can use a maximum of 3 orders in this Phase, but each order requires that you have another Magician that produces the item.


To say it in Monthy Pythons words : "And now to something completely different." Spying has evolved a long way in my mind since Standard WoK and I was always decided to learn from past errors while bringing you something new and useful.
First of all SABOTAGE is gone - it wasnt used anyway and with such nice spells around in Advanced WoK there is no real need for it. Also every spy action will be done using ONE single spy now. Because Spies are now transformed out of POP at a ratio of 5:1 this really makes sense.
The option "Spy full Player data" has been replaced by what is called the "SPYCODE" (see below for more details).
If a spy fails to infiltrate a Province he will immediately be caught by the enemy, another measure to ease the pain of transforming POP into Spies!
Spies can also be detected when entering a Province and while they wont be caught then you will loose some EFF. The owner of the targeted Province always has (number of Spies *10)% chance to detect the coming spy (but at least 1%, as usual).
Let me explain the 7 possible spying options you have in detail now:


    One spy will be sent to a Province and report back what he sees - this report can be more or less useful and should be considered as the easiest but also cheapest source of information.
    Your chance to infiltrate your target is equal to your EFF Level (or ¾ of your EFF level if the target is not a neighbour).
    Once he successfully arrives he will always have his EFF Level (or ¾ of it) of chance to bring back some information on a unit type.
    Should this go well he has 1/3 of a chance to get full information on the unit and, in some cases like Armies, another 1/3 to report something like "There are more armies here then where I came from".
    This process is repeated for every type of unit, so the reports may well vary.


    The procedure is the same, one spy is sent abroad to report on a few more or less important status statistics of the enemy. Your chance to infiltrate your target is equal to your EFF-10% Level (or 3/4 of your (EFF-10%) level if the target is not a neighbour).
    Once the spy successfully arrives he will always have the EFF-10% Level (or ¾ of it) of chance to bring back some information. Should this go well he has 1/2 of a chance to get exact information on a status figure (i.e. the Tech Level. Magic resistance Level or total Population). The calculation is repeated for Tribe, EFF Level and MRES Level, Tech Level, Bank deposit, Stocks of Wood/Corn/Gold and total number of Population/Workers.


    Yes. its still here, the good old spying out a Province ! This should be self-explaining, your chance to do the job will be your (EFF-15%) or ¾ of it (if you spy on a Province that isnt a neighbour). Your gain/loss in EFF will be the same like when using the simple "Send unit report" option, but the information will be more valuable.


    The Spycode is a code that protects your entire Provinces data from being visible to other Players (similar to the Data you got in Standard WoK when trying the "Spy Player" option). It can range from 0000 to 9999 and will automatically be assigned to you at the start of a new game.
    Each Turn you can use up to 2 of your 5 possible spying orders to try a spycode on all your fellow Players. There is no cost or danger involved in this, but all you will get is the notice if the code you entered was too high or too low (or hopefully just right).


    Once you break a Spycode you might run it to get the enemys full data revealed to you. Should you fail (which means none of the other Players has the Spycode you just ran) you will loose 5% Effectiveness.
    Every time you run a Spycode all other Player will be acknowledged that you ran a code, but they will not know if you were successfull or if you failed - they also will not know on who the Spycode attack was directed... you will not gain any EFF bonus or anything else besides the full Player data from this action.


    This final spying option allows you to modify your Spycode in case you are in danger of giving away too much information for too long. However you will loose a whopping 10% of your Effectiveness, so use this option only when you really need to. All Players need to have different Spycodes too - should your new code already be taken you will be noticed (and not loose any EFF).


    Now this is no "real" spying option, but it ended up anyway in this Phase. You can now choose to change your tribe affilation into another one, allowing maybe for a tribe that helps you better in a particular time of the game. The tradeoff: you loose 1% of your EFFectiveness level (rounded) for every Province you own, up to 12% max.


And last but never least another quick Phase - simply put the number, ID# (see Book of Magic) and price (for 1 Unit) of the Item you wish to sell and it will be placed on the Buylist of the Marketplace.
You can fill up to 5 slots with your products. Take care that these items now no longer count for the Stock Limit, but they will count again after Phase 1 of the next Turn in case they arent sold to the other Players.

Game Options

Finally a few words on the common game variations. As well as specific chnages in the game's house rules, there are 4 "standard" game options a GM might want to actively use:


Lastly some "useful tables" for the experienced Players. You will need them often but if you are new to the game simply scroll up and read the Manual.

Terrain Information

TerrainDefense BonusCropTreesTree GrowthMining per WorkerBest Creature
Desert (4x)-45--0.5Snake
Forest (12x)0.3-10030%-Dragon
Mountain (14x)0.4-8010%1.5Golem
Plain (27x)-100-5%-Spirit
Swamp (6x)0.2605020%-Lizard
Tundra (7x)---5%1Bear
A City in a Province will add 0.500 Defense Bonus that cannot be destroyed during battle. Crop growth depends on the weather and can range from -20% to +40%, but PLAINS will get +10% extra growth. The number of Provinces with a certain terrain refers to the original WOK5 Map#001 from GM Nick and will be different with other maps used.

Tech Level benefits

Tech LevelValid AttacksWood per WorkerCrop per WorkerMining Failure
0-331/4 of your Tech Level, but at least 1 per Worker and a maximum of 3 per Worker1/5 of your Tech Level, but at least 1 per Worker and a maximum of 3 per Worker70%
It requires (new Tech Level * 40) Gold and a Magician to reach the next Tech Level. You need one Magcian for every Level increase. Only performed attacks will be counted towards the limit of allowed attacks.

Feeding information

UnitCorn needed per Turn
Any type of Army or Spy0.3
Magician0.6 x Tech Level
1 POP pays 0 - 1.2 Gold Coins in Taxes per Turn.

NAP Levels

NAP LevelEffects
-1All Trades with this Player blocked
1-20% PATT
2-40% PATT, -10% aiming with GCAs
3-60% PATT, -20% aiming with GCAs
All Players start with a NAP Level of 0 to each other. If BOTH Players issue a "N+" order towards each other the NAP Level will raise by ONE Point. For EACH "N-" order a Player issues the common NAP Level will drop by ONE Point. Repetitive orders (i.e. multiple "N+" or "N-" orders towards the same Player) in Phase#1 are not allowed. A NAP Level of -1 means all Trades with this Player are blocked in both directions.

Interest Rates

Deposit in Gold CoinsInterest Rate
If a Player gets killed his Deposit will fall to the Player who killed him.

Mining Information

Preciosity mined% Chance to mine it - Province without City% Chance to mine it - Province with CityCost/Dmnd to make a spell
Gold Coin(s)60%50%-
White Diamond12%10%5
Yellow Diamond8%6%8
Red Diamond7%7%9
Green Diamond6%10%10
Blue Diamond4%8%15
Grey Diamond2%6%30
Black Diamond1%3%60

Troop Information

Type of UnitBonus TerrainLevel Bonus in Battle (per unit)Wood needed to build
PikemanTundra / Desert0.0202
Creaturedepends0.2 - 2.0-
Maintenance costs are 5 Gold/Unit (except Creatures, but including Spies). If you cant pay the Maintenance costs you will lose 10% of your EFF level and your Workers will not be able to produce +LVL.

GCA Targets

Type of UnitID# for targettingChance to hit the TargetNumber of units destroyed per GCA
Population04EFF -10%5
Defense03EFF -20%0.1
Worker05EFF -20%3
GCA06EFF -30%2
Spy07EFF -40%1
Army08EFF -45%1
Pikist09EFF -50%1
Archer10EFF -55%1
Knight11EFF -60%1
Catapult12EFF -65%1
Creature13EFF -80%1
Magician14EFF -90%1
All figures are for SHORT RANGE attacks, add another 5% if the Target is on a Mountain or Forest Terrain. LONG RANGE attacks have a ¾ chance of SHORT RANGE to hit. Minimum chance is 1%, Maximum is 99%

Feeding your population

Pop nutritionPop Growth by NutritionNatural GrowthWorker effectTax income per POP
100%+20% 0-99 POP: +20%
100 - 199 : +10%
200 - 299 : +5%
300 - 399 : none
400 - 499 : -15%
500 - 699 : -20%
700 - 999 : -25%
90% - 99%+15%-0.80
80% - 89%+10%-0.60
70% - 79%+5%-0.40
60% - 69%+2%-0.20
50% - 59%--0.10
40% - 49%-5%--
30% - 39%-10%--
20% - 29%-15%STRIKE *-
10% - 19%-20%STRIKE *-
>0% - 9%-25%STRIKE *-
Workers will never stop harvesting crop. Neutrals gain 10% POP every Turn, no matter how many POP are in a Province (during Phase Vd). The POP growth in a Province is the sum of (growth by nutrition + natural growth)



#01White DragonPotion[0.2 / 0.4]SPP
#02Yellow DragonPotion[0.3 / 0.6]SPP
#03Red DragonPotion[0.4 / 0.8]SPP
#04Green DragonPotion[0.5 / 1.0]SPP
#05Blue DragonPotion[0.6 / 1.2]SPP
#06Grey DragonPotion[0.8 / 1.6]SPP
#07Black DragonPotion[1.0 / 2.0]SPP
#08White GolemPotion[0.2 / 0.4]SPP
#09Yellow GolemPotion[0.3 / 0.6]SPP
#10Red GolemPotion[0.4 / 0.8]SPP
#11Green GolemPotion[0.5 / 1.0]SPP
#12Blue GolemPotion[0.6 / 1.2]SPP
#13Grey GolemPotion[0.8 / 1.6]SPP
#14Black GolemPotion[1.0 / 2.0]SPP
#15White LizardPotion[0.2 / 0.4]SPP
#16Yellow LizardPotion[0.3 / 0.6]SPP
#17Red LizardPotion[0.4 / 0.8]SPP
#18Green LizardPotion[0.5 / 1.0]SPP
#19Blue LizardPotion[0.6 / 1.2]SPP
#20Grey LizardPotion[0.8 / 1.6]SPP
#21Black LizardPotion[1.0 / 2.0]SPP
#22White SpiritPotion[0.2 / 0.4]SPP
#23Yellow SpiritPotion[0.3 / 0.6]SPP
#24Red SpiritPotion[0.4 / 0.8]SPP
#25Green SpiritPotion[0.5 / 1.0]SPP
#26Blue SpiritPotion[0.6 / 1.2]SPP
#27Grey SpiritPotion[0.8 / 1.6]SPP
#28Black SpiritPotion[1.0 / 2.0]SPP
#29White BearPotion[0.2 / 0.4]SPP
#30Yellow BearPotion[0.3 / 0.6]SPP
#31Red BearPotion[0.4 / 0.8]SPP
#32Green BearPotion[0.5 / 1.0]SPP
#33Blue BearPotion[0.6 / 1.2]SPP
#34Grey BearPotion[0.8 / 1.6]SPP
#35Black BearPotion[1.0 / 2.0]SPP
#36White SnakePotion[0.2 / 0.4]SPP
#37Yellow SnakePotion[0.3 / 0.6]SPP
#38Red SnakePotion[0.4 / 0.8]SPP
#39Green SnakePotion[0.5 / 1.0]SPP
#40Blue SnakePotion[0.6 / 1.2]SPP
#41Grey SnakePotion[0.8 / 1.6]SPP
#42Black SnakePotion[1.0 / 2.0]SPP
#43White DiamondItem-Diamond Bag
#44Yellow DiamondItem-Diamond Bag
#45Red DiamondItem-Diamond Bag
#46Green DiamondItem-Diamond Bag
#47Blue DiamondItem-Diamond Bag
#48Grey DiamondItem-Diamond Bag
#49Black DiamondItem-Diamond Bag
#77DROPPERSpell[LV 0-1]SPP
#79FEARSpell[EFF 0-10%]SPP
#80SHIELDWhite Spell[0.3 DFS]SPP
#81BRAINWhite Spell[1 TECH]SPP
#8210 FINGERSWhite Spell[10 GCA]SPP
#8320 FINGERSWhite Spell[20 GCA]SPP
#84MORALEWhite Spell[5% EFF]SPP
#85PARTYWhite Spell[10% EFF]SPP
#86RAINWhite Spell[10% CORN]SPP
#87REFILLWhite Spell[200 SL]SPP
#88PROTECTWhite Spell[200 MRES]SPP
#89BIGFISHWhite Spell[20% GOLD]SPP
#90PUSHERWhite Spell[LV 0.3]SPP
#91PLANTERWhite Spell[50 TREE]SPP
#92NOURISHWhite Spell[50 CROP]SPP
#93MILITIAWhite Spell[5 ARM]SPP
#94EAGLE EYEWhite Spell[4 SPY]SPP
#97CORNBURNERBlack Spell[50%]SPP

Spell Explanations

Potions (42x)Cast only on own ProvincesAll Potions summon a Creature
Red Spells (28x)Cast only on Neutrals or enemy Player ProvincesDestructive power depending on your magicians skills
White Spells (15x)Cast only on own ProvincesThey add to your inventory
Black Spells (5x)Cast only on enemy Player ProvincesMost powerful and devastating spells

Spells are generally aimed at ONE Province, but some affect the whole inventory of a Player or require some special skills. See the "Book of Stone" below for more details.



ID#DescriptionWHYEREGRBUGYBLPowerEffect / Other Requirements
#01White Dragon5------[0.2 / 0.4]
#02Yellow Dragon-6-----[0.3 / 0.6]
#03Red Dragon--8----[0.4 / 0.8]
#04Green Dragon---9---[0.5 / 1.0]
#05Blue Dragon----8--[0.6 / 1.2]
#06Grey Dragon-----5-[0.8 / 1.6]
#07Black Dragon------3[1.0 / 2.0]Tech Level 5+ required
#08White Golem5------[0.2 / 0.4]
#09Yellow Golem-6-----[0.3 / 0.6]
#10Red Golem--8----[0.4 / 0.8]
#11Green Golem---9---[0.5 / 1.0]
#12Blue Golem----8--[0.6 / 1.2]
#13Grey Golem-----5-[0.8 / 1.6]
#14Black Golem------3[1.0 / 2.0]Tech Level 5+ required
#15White Lizard5------[0.2 / 0.4]
#16Yellow Lizard-6-----[0.3 / 0.6]
#17Red Lizard--8----[0.4 / 0.8]
#18Green Lizard---9---[0.5 / 1.0]
#19Blue Lizard----8--[0.6 / 1.2]
#20Grey Lizard-----5-[0.8 / 1.6]
#21Black Lizard------3[1.0 / 2.0]Tech Level 5+ required
#22White Spirit5------[0.2 / 0.4]
#23Yellow Spirit-6-----[0.3 / 0.6]
#24Red Spirit--8----[0.4 / 0.8]
#25Green Spirit---9---[0.5 / 1.0]
#26Blue Spirit----8--[0.6 / 1.2]
#27Grey Spirit-----5-[0.8 / 1.6]
#28Black Spirit------3[1.0 / 2.0]Tech Level 5+ required
#29White Bear5------[0.2 / 0.4]
#30Yellow Bear-6-----[0.3 / 0.6]
#31Red Bear--8----[0.4 / 0.8]
#32Green Bear---9---[0.5 / 1.0]
#33Blue Bear----8--[0.6 / 1.2]
#34Grey Bear-----5-[0.8 / 1.6]
#35Black Bear------3[1.0 / 2.0]Tech Level 5+ required
#36White Snake5------[0.2 / 0.4]
#37Yellow Snake-6-----[0.3 / 0.6]
#38Red Snake--8----[0.4 / 0.8]
#39Green Snake---9---[0.5 / 1.0]
#40Blue Snake----8--[0.6 / 1.2]
#41Grey Snake-----5-[0.8 / 1.6]
#42Black Snake------3[1.0 / 2.0]Tech Level 5+ required
#55POPHELL--64---[1-100]Tech Level 7+ required, hits neighbours with 1/2 Power (but never yourself)
#59WOKHELL10-68---[1-50]Tech Level 7+ required, hits neighbours with 1/2 Power (but never yourself)
#63TREEHELL21-----[1-100]Tech Level 7+ required, hits neighbours with 1/2 Power (but never yourself)
#67CROPHELL441----[1-100]Tech Level 7+ required, hits neighbours with 1/2 Power (but never yourself)
#68TELEPOP--24---[1-100]Teleports POP to your Magician in the highest Province Nr.
#69TELEWOK--46---[1-100]Teleports WOK to your Magician in the highest Province Nr.
#70TELESPY--4-3--[1-20]Teleports SPY to your Magician in the highest Province Nr. ; 1/3 Spell power effective
#71BRAINWASH2-2----[AIM]Changes Aim to something useless, needs Weather 5+
#72STEAL6-3----[1-200]3x Spell Power effective
#73BIGSTEAL824----[1-400]Tech Level 5+ required ; 4x Spell Power effective
#74CORNSTEAL6421---[1-100]Steals from Stock, cast on any Province of the Player you want to steal from
#75WOODSTEAL--2----[1-100]Steals from Stock, cast on any Province of the Player you want to steal from
#76WALLBREAKER---1---[DFS 0-1](Spell Power/100) effective
#77DROPPER----11-[LV 0-1](Spell Power/100) effective
#78NO FINGERS---11--[GCA 0-50](Spell Power/2) effective
#79FEAR-2---1-[EFF 0-10%]Tech Level 5+ required ; (Spell Power/10) effective
#80SHIELD11-----[0.3 DFS]
#81BRAIN4321---[1 TECH]Tech Level 0-9 required
#8210 FINGERS-1--1--[10 GCA]
#8320 FINGERS-2--2--[20 GCA]
#84MORALE21---1-[5% EFF]
#85PARTY64---1-[10% EFF]
#86RAIN32-----[20% CORN]Adds 20% to ALL Corn stocked, cast on any of your Provinces
#87REFILL52----1[200 SL]Adds 200 Points to your Stock Limit
#88PROTECT6211--2[200 MRES]Adds 200 Points to your Magic resistance, cast on any of your Provinces
#89BIGFISH-6-----[20% GOLD]Adds 20% to ALL your stocked Gold, cast on any of your Provinces
#90PUSHER-1--21-[0.3 LEV]
#91PLANTER11-----[50 TREE]
#92NOURISH53-----[50 CROP]
#93MILITIA----2--[5 ARM]No other Troops/Creature must be in the Province
#94EAGLE EYE1---1--[4 SPY]
#95MONSTERBURNER----543[ALL]Kills ALL Creatures of a Player *
#96GOLDBURNER662--21[ALL]Erases ALL the Gold a Player has in stock *
#97CORNBURNER----123[50%]Erases 50% of the Corn a Player stocks *
#98 TRIBETURNER----1-1[RND TRIBE]Switches Tribe of Province Owner *
#99BAGBURNER3211--4[ALL]Erases ALL the Diamonds a Player owns *

Requirements are only important for CASTING a Spell, not when MAKING it! Remember that making a spell also requires Gold Coins (see table above)


Each player starts with a different tribe, each of which gives a specific effect. Tribes can be changed during the spying phase or by magic.

1QuipeeTeleport can be used 2 Tech Levels early
2Ankh MompTech upgrades cost 20 gold / level
3Hobgob2% EFF bonus per Trade Order placed
4MiwaunezMaximum EFF loss from owned provinces is 5%
5SelfterTroop maintenance is 2 gold each
6El Barachmi1 Bonus Attack (max 7)
7FemmaTax Income increased 75%
8ZsukCorn consumption reduced 20%
9GobetIncreases harvesting efficiency by 0.5 level.
10TiplapIncreases woodchopping efficiency by 0.5 level.
11Gang LufoCommon Spell Power increased 50%
12Armrissh20% less Mining Failure
13Peelow40% interest on Piggy Bank
14Shak AkashMRES filled to 100 at start of turn
15TerriumSpy chances are an automatic 80% (unless it would be higher anyway)
16VonevaAllows you to try 4 Spy codes per turn.
17MbakkuTroop upgrade cost reduced by 1/3
18EarmithonianDouble Gold & Black Diamond mining
19Deberra50% more GCAs produced.
20Mystic AkPop to Mag cost only 4 Pop