Note to returning players: The game engine has undergone many changes recently. It would be worth reviewing the differences before entering orders.

WoK Manuals

The World of Kaomaris (or WoK to its friends) is a collection of interactive, web-based open-ended games of strategy and skill. Based on games designed by Al Gassner, developed and maintained by Chris Fitzsimons. The games are designed to be simple to learn, yet still quite complex to master.
WoK games are open to all players, all you need to do is create a (free) account on the Kaomaris site.
There are currently three different types of WoK game, Standard, Intermediate and Advanced.

Standard WoK

Standard is based on Al Gassner's original WoK IV game engine, but with tweaks - some superficial, some quite fundamental - to make the game more balanced and enjoyable. See the Standard WoK manual for more details.

Intermediate WoK

Intermediate WoK is pitched half way between WoK IV and WoK V, allowing players to have more specialised empires, without having to manage a full economy. Read the Intermediate WoK manual to find out more.
Intermediate WoK is nearing the end of development, it is not publically available yet, but if you would like to be involved in play testing, please say so on the forums.

Advanced WoK

Advanced WoK is based on the original WoK V game. Check the Advanced WoK manual to see how it works.
Although historical Advanced WoK games exist, new games are not currently available. It's next on the list for a rework!


Within the different engines there are also three common variants, Skirmish, Duel and Trinity.

In addition to these variants, GMs can create x-games with custom rules and win conditions as they see fit.