There have been many changes in the game engine, check out the manuals for all the information, but here is a summary of how each phase has changed.

General Changes


  • Missiles now only hit ARM, DEF or SPY
  • The number of armies killed per hit has been reduced to 1
  • The number of spies killed per hit has been reduced to 1
  • Long range is now "neighbour of a neighbour" rather than "± 3"


  • Number of attacks is based on Tech Level, which cannot be reduced.
  • Only succesful attacks count towards the attack limit
  • PATT and PDEF are not displayed in the turn report (so you can't calculate your opponent's EFF after a one army fight, but you get a feel for it after a decent sized battle)
  • Combat rolls include fractional values so every increase to power helps.
  • LEV bonus for taking an empty province is 0.2 / current LEV
  • Troops that lose their combat roll by less than half (e.g. 5.5 to 8.1) are only injured.
    - Injured troops on the victorious side recover at the end of the fight.


This is a new phase, but not new functionality.
Previously EFF loss happened during the growth phase, now it happens here.


  • Workers on TEC replaced with workers on MIN, producing gold coins
  • Only three workers required to make one MIS
  • Only four workers required to make one EFF
  • LEV increase is inversely proportional to the number of armies and their level.


  • Only successful army transforms count towards the limit of 3.


No changes!


No changes!


  • Rebrand of the tech trade phase
  • Three orders per turn
  • Same cost regardless of what is being upgraded
  • But subsequent orders are more expensive
  • Each order allows the upgrade of one thing. These can be repeated or combined as you choose:
    • +1 Tech Level
    • +30 EFF
    • +0.5 DEF in all provinces
    • +0.3 LEV to all armies
    • +5 MIS in all provinces (not just those with workers)
    • +2 SPY in all provinces (not just those with population)

Workers' Aim.

  • The build TECh aim has been replaced with the MINing aim.


  • Complete overhaul
  • Spy orders no longer affect your EFF
  • Only one order type affects your opponent's EFF
  • All operations have the same chance of success
  • Sending additional spies gives a real improvement to the success chance.
  • Any province neighbouring your empire is short range
  • Spies in the target province automatically provide counter-espionage defence
  • Successful spies are not lost, and can be used again on the same turn
  • No more 'Sabotage DEF', 'Sabotage MIS' or 'Steal POP' operations
  • 'Spy Player' now returns the totals for the target's empire
  • New 'Spread Propaganda' order for reducing opponent's EFF
  • New 'False Orders' order stops the target's workers from working.
  • New 'Steal Gold' option to steal gold (tech points)